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TW: Police Brutality

Two hours ago, Oakland police arrested a woman at Oscar Grant Plaza. Oldehippie2113 was passing by while during the incident and decided to stream the arrest live on Ustream for the world to see. In the video, Oakland police are seen kneeling over the hog-tied woman (her hands were cuffed and her feet were tied to her hands) while other officers stand in between the growing crowd.

11 minutes into the video, an ambulance arrives. The police then put a bag over her face and strap her into a stretcher.

The video was taken just hours after a judge delayed a federal takeover of the Oakland Police Department for widespread corruption and violence.

Please spread this video and demand justice for the woman.

The reform verdict is based on a police brutality case from a decade ago. Demand justice for victims of OPD & police brutality now!

Must watch. Reblog!

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Blacks might be more likely to die from chokeholds because their arteries do not open as fast as they do on normal people.

Daryl Gates, LAPD chief (1978-1992), after several POC were killed from choke holds by Los Angeles police.  (via anarcho-queer)


(via kinkycurlyhipster)

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